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And not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

FIC: First Born
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Title: First Born
Rating: PG
Words: About 800.
Pairing:  George/Angelina
Disclaimer: Just playing with JKR's characters.
Summary:  They name their first child Fred.  Written for the Ides of March challenge at <lj comm = "post_potter">.  

Link to the post in the community:

He spent the first few months after the battle in denial, waiting for Fred to come back.

First kiss fic (Lily/James)
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Trying something new -- I wrote a Lily/James fic!  And I'm posting it here at my journal because I don't know of any communities for good old-fashioned PG-rated het fics (seriously)!  Also, a big thanks to brighty18 for being such an awesome beta! 

Title: (It doesn't have one right now, because I fail at titles)
Rating:  PG
Disclaimer: Obviously ... not my characters.
Summary:  One of a few different possibilities I've been playing with for how Lily and James finally got together.  The last night at Hogwarts, Marauders' 7th year. 

Patrolling on the last bloody night of school ... Collapse )

A little essay-ish type thing.
Unauthorized Familiar
 About Love.Collapse )

(Author's note:  I don't know where to go with this piece.  I could take it into autobiographical territory and go all cathartic, or I could make it into an original fiction, or into a longer essay.  Ideas / suggestions / concrit welcome!)

FIC: Calm is the Morn (Barefoot Boys Day 11)
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Title: Calm is the Morn
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~2200
Disclaimer: All your characters are belong to Jo.
Prompt: 11 (In Memoriam A.H.H. – XI – Tennyson – “Calm is the morn without a sound.”)
Previous Days
: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Summary: Sirius wants to make things right with Remus.  Set the morning after the full moon, just a few days after the events of Prompts 9 & 10.  I won’t say there is a kiss in this story … but I won’t deny it, either.  Just read it!  =)


Calm is the morn without a sound ... Collapse )

“No,” Sirius says peevishly when Madam Pomfrey wakes him up by trying to extricate Remus from his arms.  “Leave him be, I’ll help him in.” 

“Mr. Black, what are you even doing here?” Madam Pomfrey demands, trying to sound stern and scolding, but Sirius knows she’s not going to say anything to anyone. 

“Came down at dawn,” he lies.  “Came to see that he was all right.” 

Madam Pomfrey casts a few quick healing charms to the more painful-looking scrapes, and leaves Sirius with a handful of bandages and a small jar of soothing balm. 

“Bring him in quickly, Mr. Black, and don’t make a spectacle of yourselves,” she says.  “It’s the weekend, I know, but I’ll not have you making a habit of this.”   

Sirius gathers Remus closer to himself and nods.  As Madam Pomfrey bustles out of the shack, muttering to herself about those boys always getting up to no good, Remus stirs and makes his quiet, groaning waking-up noises, stretching out his legs and arms and knocking into Sirius in the process. 

“What,” he whispers hoarsely, eyes half-closed, turning to see who has a hold of his midsection.  “Padfoot?  What are you doing here?”

Sirius feels his stomach flutter and clench, and his throat feels very full. 

“Sleeping,” he mumbles as Remus turns over in his arms.  The now-golden morning light bathes Remus’ face, highlighting the angles and planes, flecking his hazel eyes with green and gold and, inexplicably, blue, something Sirius has never seen before in Remus’ eyes, but maybe he just hasn’t been looking closely enough. 

Any moment Remus will come to, will wake up fully and jump out of bed and into his clothes, and he will run, but before that happens, Sirius has to tell him – something.  Something to make things right. 

“Moony,” he whispers, and his hands slide up and down Remus’ back, trembling against the outline of Remus’ spine.  “I’m so sorry.” 

Remus’ hands find the folds of Sirius’ shirt and settle into a loose grip.  He looks so tired. 

“I’m sorry, Remus, I, well, I was scared, and then,” Sirius babbles, watching those strangely beautiful multi-colored eyes watching him.  “Moony, you’re one of my best mates, and you’re a bloke, and I’m scared, and
Victoria was there.” 

Remus nods, looking away.  “I understand.” 

“You shouldn’t,” Sirius says forcefully, and his voice sounds far too loud in the still, cold calm of the shack.  “You shouldn’t understand.  It was a completely arse thing to do, Moony, and I’m sorry.  You can, you can break my face if you like, I deserve it.” 

A small, sad smile lifts the corners of Remus’ mouth.  “’m not going to break your face, Sirius,” he says.  “But I wanted to.”

Sirius almost wishes he would, just do it, punish him for his wrongs, get it over with.  But Remus isn’t like that. 

“Look,” Remus says, “you don’t owe me anything, it’s not as if – ” he trails off, shaking his head, and his hands move from Sirius’ shirt to his arms, patting them lightly, like he can’t decide quite what to do.  Then he sits up, wincing, the covers pooling in his lap – his eyes widen a bit as if he’s only now remembered he’s naked.  “I just got the wrong idea,” he says, and his voice is sad and quiet.  He sounds resigned to it, just one more disappointment in a lifetime of the same. 

No, you didn’t, Sirius wants to tell him, you got exactly the right idea and I fucked up.

He sits up and opens his mouth but his heart is beating too fast, his hands are shaking too badly, and he’s so unused to being this nervous that he can’t make the words come out properly. 

“Moony,” he hears himself saying in a tiny voice.  “Moony, no, you didn’t. Remus.” 

He presses one trembling hand to the side of Remus’ face, and the other slides up Remus’ arm, over his bruised shoulder, into his hair, and Remus lets out a little breath and watches, unblinking, as Sirius leans closer – far too close, not close enough – and before Sirius can think better of it, can scare himself out of doing it, he presses his mouth to Remus’ forehead, closing his eyes as he does so.  It’s easier, eyes closed.  Not as frightening.  His heartbeat steadies a bit as he holds very still, lips on Moony’s skin. 

When he feels a hand on his shoulder, Remus’ hand on his shoulder, and Remus’ other hand on his back, he opens his eyes.  He wants to see this, wants to see everything, even if it makes him have a heart attack.  He gently kisses Remus’ eyebrow, then brushes his lips over the
bridge of Remus’ nose.  Then his cheekbone, carefully avoiding a small fresh scrape.  Drawing back, just a bit, just inches, he sees that Moony is wide-eyed, staring at him, worrying his lower lip between his teeth. 

“Remus,” Sirius breathes, and at the sound Remus’ eyes flutter closed and he pushes his cheek against Sirius’ hand, and there’s nothing left for Sirius to do but this, to close the space between them, finally, finally pressing his lips against Remus’.  Gentle, almost chaste. 

Remus makes a small gasping noise and then he kisses back, his hands tightening their hold on Sirius as his mouth moves slowly, deliciously.  Sirius licks softly at Remus’ bottom lip, and he shivers with pleasure as Remus responds, parting his lips, his tongue warm and searching against Sirius’. 

Sirius strokes the side of Remus’ face, fingers moving of their own accord as the kiss deepens, and he thinks he could do this forever, kiss Moony until they’re both a hundred and eighty years old, because it’s the best thing he’s ever felt, the best thing he’s ever done. 

They part for air, gasping, and Sirius thinks he should say something, but Remus is grabbing his collar and pulling him in for another kiss, pulling him down onto the mattress.  It’s awkward, lying on their sides, but they don’t stop kissing as Remus rolls onto his back and Sirius straddles his waist, bracing himself with one arm, tangling the other hand in Remus’ hair. 

Through the blankets and his jeans, he can feel that Remus is just as turned on as he is, pressing up against him, hard.  It would be so easy, so good, to keep going, to pull back the blankets and take off his clothes and not get in trouble for saying “Moony” when he comes.

But he won’t.  Not yet.  This is wonderful, and it feels almost sacred, and he won’t rush it.  He breaks the kiss, nuzzles his nose against Remus’ neck, breathing deeply of the familiar Moony-scent, mumbling “Oh god, oh my god, Remus, Moony.”  He isn’t sure just what he’s trying to say, or if he’ll be able to move, or if Remus can possibly feel as undone as he does. 

“Yeah,” Remus whispers, and his arms tighten around Sirius’ back, bringing their bodies flush together.  “Yeah.”

“Am I hurting you?” Sirius asks. 

“No, I’m fine.  Not so bad this month,” says Remus, never loosening his embrace, pressing a soft kiss against Sirius’ temple, right next to his eye.  “That was – ”

“Really fucking brilliant,” Sirius finishes for him, and Remus nods.  “Moony, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”


Sirius laughs, watching the shy smile fill up Remus’ face.  This is so strange.  “Really.  Really.  But,” he whispers, his forehead pressed against Remus’. “But Moony.  You’re a bloke.”

Remus laughs, a soft, fast, half-wild sound.    

“So are you,” he says, drawing back so they can look at one another.  His eyes are a bit hopeful and a bit scared.  “Is that – is that all right?”

Sirius doesn’t know.  As much as he wants it, as good as this feels.  This isn’t something he’s ever done before, this isn’t something he ever expected to happen.  This is Moony, one of his best mates, one of the Marauders, someone he can’t just kiss if he doesn’t mean it.  And he means it – Merlin, does he mean it – and that’s probably the scariest part of all. 

“’s all right, Moony.  It’ll have to be,” he says, running his thumbs over Remus’ cheekbones.  “Because I’m going to kiss you again.”

Remus nods and licks his lips.



Author’s Note:  Oh gosh, I just have to admit, this was so fun to write.  I have been looking forward to it all month.  Hope it worked for y’all!  =)  </div>



FIC: Never Did Run Smooth (Barefoot Boys Day 10)
Unauthorized Familiar

Title:  Never Did Run Smooth
Rating: PG
Words: ~1700
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not making any money from this, you know the drill.
Prompt:  10 (Picture of a park w/orange trees, snow dusting the ground, grey sky.)
Previous Days:   1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
Summary:  Continues the series from previous prompts.  Remus, feeling confused and hurt by Sirius’ recent actions, receives advice from an unexpected source.

Friends, this story is not only in response to Prompt 10 but in honor of JKR’s recent revelation, which made me happier than I can really explain.  Enjoy!  =)


A few days before the full moon, it snows. Collapse )


FIC: Unsorted (Barefoot Boys Day 9)
Unauthorized Familiar

Title: Unsorted
Rating: R
Words: ~1400
Disclaimer: Do not own. 
Prompt: 9 (Autumn – Malcolm Middleton)
Previous Days: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Summary: Continues the series from the previous prompts.  Sirius gets freaked out by what’s happening between him and Remus.  This sort of thing doesn’t tend to end well.  It gets better in the next few parts, I promise.    



Feedback makes my day!  =)





FIC: Love the One You're With
Unauthorized Familiar
Title: Love the One You’re With
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I disclaim that I am JK Rowling.
Words: ~750
Summary: If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Or, four times Remus Lupin couldn’t be with Sirius Black (but never stopped thinking about him anyway).

“FourCollapse )

FIC: An Ordinary Week (Part 5 of 7)
Unauthorized Familiar
Title:  An Ordinary Tuesday
ating: NC-17
Words: About 2000.
Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling.  All characters in this story are over 18.  No actual bottles of butterbeer were harmed in the making of this story.
Previous Days: (In the order they were written) Friday | Saturday | Wednesday | Sunday
Summary: “Is this some new home-from-work ritual?  Stripping in the kitchen?” (This takes place around the same time as the Saturday piece, I think.  In my mind, anyway!)

Rain runs down the kitchen window in ever-turning rivulets.Collapse )

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Unauthorized Familiar

Title: Top, Bottom, Sideways

Rating: PG-13

Words: 1100-ish

Disclaimer: Do not own.

Prompt: 8 (St. Keyne)
Previous Days: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Summary: Remus Lupin is not a virgin.


Well … this one may have gotten a bit off track.  The idea of which partner will be the master in marriage turned into a more teenage-boy-ish question.

Remus Lupin is not a virgin. Collapse )

FIC: The Same, But Different
Unauthorized Familiar

Title: The Same, But Different
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Do not own.
Prompt: 7 (There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts. –
Previous Days: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Summary:  Around 500 words.  Picks up where Day 6 left off – Sirius’ POV – walking into Hogsmeade together.  


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